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Download A Companion to Josephus by Honora Howell Chapman, Zuleika Rodgers PDF

By Honora Howell Chapman, Zuleika Rodgers

ISBN-10: 1444335332

ISBN-13: 9781444335330

A better half to Josephus presents a set of readings from foreign students that discover the works of the 1st century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus.

  • Represents the 1st single-volume selection of readings to target Josephus
  • Covers a variety of disciplinary methods to the topic, together with reception history
  • Features contributions from 29 eminent students within the box from 4 continents
  • Reveals vital insights into the Jewish and Roman worlds in the mean time while Christianity was once gaining flooring as a movement

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Although it is agreed now that Phylarchus had not written in a tragic sub‐genre (McDonald 1975, 4; Marincola 2003), that conclusion is part of an increasing recognition that we should not make rigid genre distinctions generally in ancient literature. The same authors were writing across genres, and saw no problem intermingling history, geography, ethno­ graphy, biography, rhetoric, and indeed prose tragedy (Clarke 1999; Shahar 2004). Josephus’s Judean War, at any rate, has a tragic ethos. 10–12).

That selfless desire to pilot the ship of state to a safer harbor justifies his use of misleading appearances and rhetoric (cf. 248–250, 319–321). Another fertile theme in the political sphere has to do with fortune, or the circumstances that just come one’s way, and its reversals (tychês/pragmatôn metabolai). 19]). In Josephus’s Judean War, fortune language also turns up in seminal situations. 394–395). 184, 250). This vulnerability of humanity to reversals of fortune could equally be connected with tragedy, the third thematic cluster.

This fires Titus with a determination to bury the city, though he too is trapped in this divinely orchestrated story. When he overcomes his emotion and resolves to spare the temple, it burns anyway and the city falls. This is the consequence of the strife perpetuated by the tyrants (John, Eleazar, Simon): divine retribution for their compatriot bloodshed and pollution of sacred spaces. 7. From the fall of Jerusalem to the end of Onias’s temple in Egypt, with a relevant glance at the author’s post‐war life (September 70–ca.

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