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By James F. Eder

ISBN-10: 082482153X

ISBN-13: 9780824821531

For many of the twentieth century, migrant settlers from the Philippines have tested homesteads and new methods of lifestyles on Palawan Island, a one-time wooded area desert. at the island's coastal plains and within the hilly inside, settlers have created dynamic and filthy rich groups according to in the neighborhood variable combos of agricultural and non-agricultural lifeways. This quantity provides an research of socioeconomic swap in a single Palawan settler group based through the Nineteen Forties. in line with unique info on the degrees of neighborhood, family and person spanning a 25-year interval (1970-1995), the chapters focus on 3 simple topics: the improvement of a post-frontier village financial system; family options for survival and prosperity; and person targets as they relate to principles approximately social status and private worthy. those issues are hooked up into an built-in research of swap in the neighborhood throughout time and set in the context of wider adjustments in society.

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Second, San Jose agriculture is diverse, even within single households, and in ways that extend beyond the farm. Again San Jose farmers resemble the intensive cultivators described by Netting: The diversity of crop and livestock activities means that smallholders are almost always busy, and, if they lack sufficient land to occupy them, they must intensify out of agriculture, devoting labor to crafts, service occupations, trade, or wage work for others. Part-time farming with some household members engaged in petty commodity production or off-farm paid labor is probably the rule rather than the exception among peasant smallholders.

Not all longtime residents have similarly prospered, and many of the migrants that have swelled the community’s population in recent years are not particularly well-off—although most of them likely improved their lot in life by moving to Palawan. But San Jose in 1995 was still dominated by a vibrant rural middle class, and it still enjoyed the same regional reputation as a success case that first attracted me to study it in 1971. This reputation is based in part on the simple fact of the community’s relative prosperity and in part on the related perceptions that San Jose presents numerous opportunities for agricultural and other entrepreneurial activity and possesses an open social hierarchy in which good sense and hard work are rewarded by advancement.

Here I turn to some of the more general aspects of the local social and cultural setting within which agricultural intensification, occupational diversification, and other changes have occurred. The values and practices that surround kinship and the family in San Jose resemble those found elsewhere in the Hispanized Philippines. Both sides of a family receive equal emphasis, whether in the tracing of descent or in the according of respect. The same kin terms of address, for example, that one employs for one’s parents or siblings are also used to address parents-in-law and siblings-in-law.

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