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Download A Short History of Malaysia: Linking East and West by Virginia Matheson Hooker PDF

By Virginia Matheson Hooker

ISBN-10: 1864489553

ISBN-13: 9781864489552

In practise for a visit to Malaysia, this helped me comprehend the heritage and present outlook and concerns. not likely a enjoyable learn, however it appears to be like well-written and valuable to realizing the rustic. yet i am not knowledgeable.

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1. The sea This is the most obvious, but it is easily overlooked by outsiders. 58587 History Malaysia F2 8/27/03 5:54 PM Page 17 Peopling Malaysia sea has provided communication, high protein food, opportunities for raiding (piracy) and marine products suitable for trade and exchange. In fact, it has been recently established that the seas of the Sunda shelf are the ‘single primary centre of world diversity’ for marine fauna. This is partly because these seas contain two ecosystems unique to the tropics––coral reefs and mangrove systems.

The Semang pattern This is based largely on a foraging (hunting and gathering) lifestyle. It is rare in the 21st century that any people can live entirely off the natural resources of the land, constantly on the move and without cultivating crops. However, this was possible in the lowland forests of the northern Malay Peninsula and in upland areas of Sabah and Sarawak until the early 20th century. 58587 History Malaysia F2 8/27/03 5:54 PM Page 25 Peopling Malaysia Borneo are the Penans (also known as Punans) who live in isolated areas in Sarawak, but who are physically unrelated to the Semang groups of the Peninsula.

Two language families Linguistic evidence provides further clues about the interactions occurring on the Malay Peninsula. The existence of two quite distinct language families—Austroasiatic and Austronesian (see glossary) in close association but in fairly distinct territories suggests that their speakers had distinct lifestyles and cultures. The archaeological evidence supports this. Many artefacts from northern areas of the Peninsula, in territory now occupied by Orang Asli (Austroasiatic speakers), are similar to artefacts from surrounding regions of modern Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia/Vietnam.

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