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By Peter Church

ISBN-10: 0470824816

ISBN-13: 9780470824818

The good fortune of the 1st 4 variations indicates that this e-book fills a vacuum for readers who desire to know about the international locations of South-East Asia. contemporary years have visible a couple of very important advancements all of that are lined the following. With the worldwide weather changing into extra doubtful and the specter of terrorism spilling over, this publication will relief readers' wisdom of this zone by means of addressing its history and political destiny.

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12 A SHORT HISTORY OF SOUTH-EAST ASIA E1C02_1 06/30/2009 13 Cambodia has known peace, sometimes for extended periods, but always under rulers who enforced peace. French colonial rule achieved a kind of peace in Cambodia, as did King Sihanouk in the 1950s and 1960s. Today the Cambodian government works hard to maintain social cohesion while promoting economic growth now that peace seems to have finally come to the country. EARLY HISTORY AND THE EMPIRE OF ANGKOR The first glimpses into Cambodian history come from the early centuries of the Christian era.

Soon Vietnamese forces in Cambodia would number 250,000. They failed, however, to capture Pol Pot or his close colleagues. CAMBODIA AS ‘‘VIETNAMESE PROTECTORATE’’, 1979–1991 Though initially welcomed by most Cambodians, the Vietnamese were aware of the centuries-old fear of Vietnam in the country. They also knew that their invasion of a sovereign nation, however repellent its government, could bring international condemnation. Thus, they rapidly established the People’s Republic of Kampuchea (PRK) under a government headed by Cambodians, mostly former CPK members who had fled the party’s purges.

In 2009 it had 229 million people, spread very unevenly across these islands. At the one extreme, over 130 million live on densely populated Java; at the other extreme, the large, resource-rich island of Kalimantan is sparsely populated. Indonesia is a tropical country with a volcanic spine running through its archipelago. Many volcanoes are still active, every so often wreaking destruction on surrounding peoples and crops. But the volcanic soil and the tropical climate have made most of Indonesia extremely fertile, nowhere more so than the river valleys of Java, where prosperous kingdoms have waxed and waned over more than a thousand years.

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