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By Mohammed Muzibur Rahman and Abdullah Mohamed Asiri

ISBN-10: 9535127748

ISBN-13: 9789535127741

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Right, Schematic representation of photo-induced gel-sol transition of DMF gel of Ch-azo. Figure 14. Rational assembly modes of CH-PY organogels in stretched stacking (a) and twisted stacking (b), respectively. 5772/65122 In addition, we have characterized the gelation behaviors of some bolaform cholesteryl amide compounds with large conjugated spacer [43, 44]. We found that the formed nanostructures and self-assembly process in organogels could be regulated by solvent change. Morphological characterization showed different aggregates, including wrinkle, belt, and fiber.

In closing, LB films and supramolecular gels can be regarded as good research platforms for various assembly systems. In addition, supramolecular self-assembly demonstrate charming applications, such as physics, biosensors, catalysis, nanomaterials, environmental treatment, and so on. It can be expected that future research systems of LB films and supramolecular gels will be relative to the novel applications and special nanostructures to obtain new functional nanocomposites and nanostructures.

Figure 18. SEM images of xerogels: (a and c–f): C18-Azo, C16-Azo, C14-Azo, C18-Azo-Me, and C16-Azo-Me in ethanolamine, respectively; (b) C16-Azo in nitrobenzene. Figure 19. Two possible assembly modes for Glu-C18 organogels in different solvents. 39 40 Advances in Colloid Science In recent years, graphene oxide (GO)-based nanomaterials have drawn abundant attentions. In recent report, we have prepared organogels through cationic gemini compounds-GO composites [55]. The obtained data demonstrated that the gelation behaviors could be regulated by change of substituted headgroups in compounds.

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