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By Lou Drendel

ISBN-10: 0897471407

ISBN-13: 9780897471404

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Bo Mya, the rebel leader, became President of Kawthoolei. But Ne Win hadn't given up. In 1979 Four Cuts was extended to the southern districts of Kawthoolei. In the Karen account of this assault, more than a hundred homes were burned, eighty Karen villagers killed and twenty-eight women raped by Burmese troops. The Karen fell back towards the border once more, thousands crossing over to safety in Thailand. In 1984 the pressure was increased yet again, and the KNLA began losing ground and population fast.

The official Handbook on Burma (1968, p. 35) describes the proceedings: Scepticism was voiced in some interested, including foreign, quarters, on 25 26 True Love and Bartholomew the willingness of frontier areas to become merged in a single independent state .. However, thanks to the fraternal spirit prevailing among the frontier peoples and the statemanship displayed by General Aung San .. representatives spoke with one voice in opting for a merger of their areas with Burma proper. On 14 July 1947, Aung San was assassinated by Burmese rivals together with most of his cabinet, an event which the Karen still puzzle over, write about and can barely refrain from considering as a blow aimed at themselves.

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