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Download Alexander The Great In Fact And Fiction by A. B. Bosworth, E. J. Baynham PDF

By A. B. Bosworth, E. J. Baynham

ISBN-10: 0198152876

ISBN-13: 9780198152873

ISBN-10: 0199252750

ISBN-13: 9780199252756

ISBN-10: 1423785754

ISBN-13: 9781423785750

Вокруг имени Александра Македонского сложилось множество легенд. Эта работа представляет собой подборку исследований крупных западных историков, в которых производится попытка отделить правду от вымысла.

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26. 9). The only depot of provisions which Alexander supplied is recorded west of Persis on the Persian Gulf (Ind. 38. 9). 32 Brian Bosworth intensified the lurid details of Nearchus for rhetorical effect, and it is exactly the contrast we find in the reports of Cortés’ march to Honduras. One account, which in all probability derives from Ptolemy, placed the emphasis on Alexander’s leadership. He coped with impossible conditions with a degree of success, and he treated the one lapse of discipline with compassionate understanding.

70 The text is difficult and perhaps defective. On reading and interpretation see Bosworth 1996a: 85–6. 71 The similarities almost prove the rule; the comparisons Onesicritus made were with the least typical of Greek states, Sparta and Crete. 68 44 Brian Bosworth Sind, Peithon, son of Agenor, to deal with the rebels. The cities of Musicanus were destroyed or turned into garrison centres, and their inhabitants were enslaved en masse. 72 We have the paradox of a realm admired for its peculiar institutions, but ruthlessly destroyed once it proved recalcitrant.

It comes as no surprise when Díaz identifies himself as the leader of the foraging party and increases the number of bearers to over one hundred. 29 Ch. 177: Maudslay v. 29. A few pages earlier Díaz had given a bitter picture of deaths by hunger and the desertion by three Spanish soldiers who ‘had taken their chance of a state of war along the road by which we had come, and preferred to die rather than continue the advance’. 30 Arr. 6. 23–27. 1. Here, as in earlier discussions (Bosworth 1988b: 143–6; 1996a: 169–73) I follow the exemplary treatment of the sources by Strasburger 1982–90: i.

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