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File and temporal location) of a piece of generated code in the original file. In addition one may keep the comments of the original code. With FFTs it is necessary to identify (‘reverse engineer’) the trigonometric values that occur in the process in terms of the corresponding argument (rational multiples of π). The actual values should be inlined to some greater precision than actually needed, thereby one avoids the generation of multiple copies of the (logically) same value with differences only due to numeric inaccuracies.

Multiply each matrix element (index r, c) by exp(±2 π i r c/n) (sign is that of the transform). 3. Apply a (length C) FFT on each row. 4. Transpose the matrix. Note the elegance! 8 (transposed matrix Fourier algorithm) The (TMFA) for the FFT: transposed matrix Fourier algorithm 1. Transpose the matrix. 2. Apply a (length C) FFT on each column (transposed row). 3. Multiply each matrix element (index r, c) by exp(±2 π i r c/n). 4. Apply a (length R) FFT on each row (transposed column). e. g. in unit strides).

N-1] input,result { fht(a[], n) for i:=1 to n/2-1 { t := n - i u := a[i] v := a[t] a[i] := 1/2 * (u+v) a[t] := 1/2 * (u-v) } } At the end of this procedure the ordering of the output data c ∈ C is a[0] a[1] a[2] = = = c0 c1 c2 a[n/2] a[n/2 + 1] a[n/2 + 2] a[n/2 + 3] ... = = = = ... 20) CHAPTER 3. cc] Vice versa: same line of thought as for complex versions. Let Trc be the operator corresponding to the postprocessing in real_complex_fft_by_fht, and Tcr correspond to the preprocessing in complex_real_fft_by_fht.

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